Employment Opportunities

As the owner of Beavers Landscape I am seeking experienced landscape personnel who possess the mind set to get the job done right as well as being efficient. I always demand high quality over speed but time is important as well.

Our reputation is quickly growing as one of the highest quality hardscape and landscape designers and installers in NJ. I emphasize our higher standards to my customers as a selling point and we deliver every time. We never skimp on details or installation techniques and that has begun to pay off in a profound way.

I've come to realize that in order for my business to grow
I will need a few key individuals.

Foreman/Machine Operator

-Accurately read and reproduce scale plans
-Efficiently manage a crew
-Manage a jobsite including materials, storage, etc

-Excavate and grade using backhoes and loaders
-Look ahead and pre-plan steps to complete a job
-Calculate elevations and grades with a laser level
  and/or Transit -Cut brick accurately using a
  hand held chop saw
-Work 50+ hours a week, including some weekends
-Work late when needed to finish a job that's close
  to completion
-Manage final cleanup and detailing as if it was your
  own house
-Make critical construction decisions with a
  minimum of consultation
-Start and finish multi-level patios using only the
  plans with an eye for detail and a
  mature finished look

Call 908-638-6227 and ask, or email to:

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